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If you need to know where to go next with your IT, or have a special project, we’ve probably seen it and done it before. If we haven’t, then we have the knowledge and the contacts to make sure that whatever it is, it works when you invest in it.
Our existing support customers already benefit from our knowledge and guidance on all matters IT. This is part of our service. Should you wish to use us in this capacity, we will work with you to define what it is you need, and scope out what it is that needs to delivering.


Whether your new equipment is to be based on-site or in a datacentre, Electro-Comm’s trained engineers can safely install and commission it for you. Our expertise covers the entire HP and Dell tower and rack server range and also Mac XServer (now no longer made) and Mac Mini server. We also have in depth knowledge of SAN’s, DAS and NAS devices, both specification and installation, from Netgear to NetApp and everything in between.
From single systems to multi site planned rollouts, we have the experience to make sure that your new equipment is up and running from the minute it arrives. We are experience in multi platform architecture, and happy to work with Microsoft, Apple, Linux or Unix.
For larger installations, we can plan and project manage your rollouts to Prince 2 level structure. We can also develop, approve and deliver standard images to your requirements for system rollouts on Windows and Mac platforms.
Under our guidance, our trained contractors can also install network cabling from Cat 5e/6 copper to Fibre Optics, all tested and certified.
Through our sister company, Shop4-IT, we can procure and install managed business broadband installations for home workers, smaller and medium sized businesses.
IT Networking Design
For larger businesses we have proven track record and a wealth of experience in designing, planning, procuring, installing and managing leased line and Ethernet circuits for point to point or multi point VPN and MPLS networks.


Another industry buzz word, system virtualisation has been around since the sixties. In short, it means running more “virtual” systems on one physical piece or layer of hardware, maximising the power of modern processors and storage arrays. This is how modern cloud computing has been built, but it also has very practical uses for the small to medium business.
Any company that employs more than one server per location can take advantage of this virtualisation technology. Servers and the energy they use are expensive; virtualisation can reduce both of these by consolidating server sprawl. It can help prolong server applications by moving them onto newer virtual hardware, whilst retaining older operating system environments.
virtualisation can also reduce desktop costs. Desktops can be moved into a virtual desktop environment (VDI), instantly upgrading the hardware they were utilizing. New desktops can be created in this environment, standardised, managed and supported without concern to local hardware, delivering real savings in desktop infrastructure.
Electro-Comm already delivers all of these products and services to its existing customer base. We are VMWare Professional Partners and Microsoft HyperV trained and as such have the knowledge, training and experience to help your move into this exciting cost saving opportunity.
Electro-Comm also provides its own visualized, datacentre based environment that can be bespoke to your needs should you now wish to invest in this technology yourself.