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IT Services UK

Support, this is what we do and we’ve always done this. It used to be the hardware that needed help, now it’s you.
If you want to speak to an IT Specialist, based in this country, who can and will help you, and who won’t give up until they’ve exhausted all avenues or fixed it, then Electro-Comm is the support company for you.
We are trained and experienced on all of the major (and most of the minor) hardware and software manufacturers. We have knowledge of all of the latest IT industry technology, and quite a bit of the older stuff.
Our support agreements fall into two categories, Standard and Bespoke.
Standard support pricing is delivered by our “Support in a Box” products. These are fixed monthly costs with only a 3 months cancellation and are aimed at the small to medium sized business. They can provide on-site hours bundled within the price if you wish, but this is a menu pricing structure, you decide what level of support you need and you pay accordingly. Please click here to request details of our entry level pricing.
Bespoke support pricing can include any level of support you require. We currently have customers that require us act as their IT department, others require us to act as backup to their existing IT department working closely on special projects. Whatever your needs, we can help, so please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements.

Not So Remote Support

Although we manage our customer’s hardware warranties as part of our support agreements, there are some times when we need to visit to resolve issues.
All of our standard products include fixed pricing for on-site visits. Some of our standard products include on-site time so that there are no hidden costs, and all of our contracted customers benefit from discounted rates for on-site work. Rates for this service can be requested by clicking here